The things I want this month

Between trying to sort out retirement annuities and actually saving money, I hardly think this is going to happen any time, but in the spirit of cataloging my lusts, here we go again!

Hoi P’loy Walnut Bureau Lamp – R2,999

I’ve been looking for a new desk lamp because the one I’m currently using is manky and keeps blowing bulbs…and I really want something that isn’t plastic crap. I’ve been toying with getting a vintage-looking/inspired anglepoise lamp but the area I have to work with isn’t tall enough for one. Also, all the good/great looking anglepoise lamps I could find were pretty much the same price as this one… and honestly, look at the workmanship on that! This isn’t a light you’re going to throw away. It’s basically an heirloom.

Painting my bedroom – R1500
Oh…my bedroom. Ha. So, I’ve had the same room since I was a kid – when I was much younger, my mom used to surprise my brother and I by swapping our rooms. My brother has my original bedroom but the one I have right now has been mine for more than 15 years. It also hasn’t been painted since…the stone ages probably. It’s getting grubby, and I had the tendency to write all over my cupboards when I was in highschool and even though it looks cool and interesting, I’ve been wanting to make a change for a very long time. I’ve joked with my friends that I’m going to take those cupboard doors with me when I move out, but I’ve grown up and I think it’s time to sand and paint. And also give the rest of the room a fresh lick of paint. I’m thinking white and a blue-toned grey?

MAC lipstick in the colour Fast Play – R210

Since when are MAC lipsticks R210? Weren’t they like R190-something just the other day? Anyway, that’s besides the point. This colour is apparently similar to MAC Syrup (my favourite) but less purple and more like Mehr (which we don’t have).

REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial – R620


It’s on special at the moment! This expensive tube of awesome is full of glycolic and lactic acids and omega 3. Woohoo! I’ve been on a real skincare kick and this just sounds right up my alley.

Speaking of skincare stuff…

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair is also on the list, along with Dermaceutic Activ Retinol 0.5% serum – they’re probably between R700-R800 *sob*

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume
SOMEONE JUST FREAKING TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET THIS. I swear, the Estee Lauder consultants on social media freaking SUCK. I ask and they don’t reply or tell me it WAS available as a gift with purchase… What the hell, guys?! I can’t exactly work with that, can I now? Got this thanks to a girl who answered my pleas on the Estee Lauder Facebook page.

And I better stop there.


The September bin

September was a slow month for finishing products. It’s almost not even worth mentioning what did make it into the bin, but I thought I’d keep up with this any way. It was also a bit of a spendy end of month, to be honest.

I got my paws on the Chanel Entrelacs eyeshadow palette…and oh my gosh. When I saw the swatches online, I thought it looked like something I’d be into, but the pigmentation only looked okay. When I tried it out in real life, however…another story. The shadows are buttery soft and so rich in colour and just more than I expected. It sold me, obviously. So basically, if you’re ever unsure, go test it out!

I also got myself theBalm’s The Manizer Sisters The Illuminizers palette (contains a mini Mary, Cindy and Betty) and I’m in love. I’ve always wanted to try Mary but because theBalm isn’t sold in a physical shop here, I was a bit worried about blind buying – what if it didn’t suit me? Recently, I saw many bloggers talking about this little palette and I wondered if we would ever get it. When RetailBox announced they had stock, I didn’t even think twice. I mean, I’ve been wanting to try Mary, so why not try all three for just a little bit more money? No regrets! I do suggest using a fan brush for application, though. This stuff is PIGMENTED.

Joico Smooth Cure Conditioner
Farewell, Joico! I loved you while you lasted. I’ve switched over to the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil conditioner I had almost finished before getting my Brazilian done and…yeah, my scalp does not like sulfates anymore – or never did. I’ll finish the conditioner but I don’t plan on going the sulfate route if I can help it.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brule Body Polish
I used this as a body wash because it wasn’t very scrubby. That is probably the only downside of this product for me. I also actually liked the scent of this more than its matching body wash. Weird, huh? It’s the part of the same scent range but the body polish seemed spicier. I’ll be stocking up come Christmas time, of course.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub
Again, not very scrubby but I really loved the luxurious feel of it. The scent is soft and isn’t overpowering. Would I buy this again? Probably not. I just prefer scrubbier scrubs, but I’ll definitely be getting the body wash again some time.

Loreal Telescopic (gold tube) mascara
This was a repurchase because I left my mascara at home one time and needed to do my makeup…I guess this just shows you how much I love this mascara. I have a bunch to get through so I won’t be buying this any time soon, but if I ever find myself in a pickle, you know this’ll be the one I buy!

Woolworths cosmetic cotton buds (pointy ends – pack of 72)
Cheap and cheerful. I repurchased these, but from Clicks home brand. I’m not fussy with this.

That’s it for now!

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