Finishing all the things this April

I did well this month! Now just to stick with it…

Eve Lom Eye Cream (1ml sample sachet)
I got this as a little extra in one of PrincessNoo’s blogsales. I saw it lying around and figured I should really use it up. It lasted about a week? Eye creams always go a long way for me. Anyway, this smelt quite earthy (not really my thing) but it was really nice and moisturising. I reckon this stuff is probably realllllly expensive. Pass.

Lush Salt Peppermint Bark Scrub
Oh my. Love this. Why are you limited edition?

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation – 01 Warm ivory
I literally scraped out every bit I could with a tiny little brush. I went through stages of die-hard loving this, hating this, and just feeling indifferent about it. I think it probably all depended on my skin at the time. This lasted a year – I got it as a gift last year April! It’s probably the foundation I used most consistently during this time. I didn’t repurchase because I don’t think it was a perfect match…and I’m a floozy.

Woolworths Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Shower Gel
Love the scent, love this line, but this didn’t lather up at all. I tried everything. It just felt like by the time I had washed both arms, there was nothing left and I had to squeeze out more. It was so frustrating. Seriously. I must have flown through this because of that. Won’t be getting this again…Sorry Woolworths.

Skoon Hot Cloth Cleanser Nkuto Butter (10ml sample pot)
I used this to get the last bits of makeup off my face. Leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. Love.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Pack
Love this stuff. I use it every now and then as a deep treatment. If possible, I leave it on overnight, otherwise I just slop it on and watch a few episodes of something before washing my hair. Still have one or two lying around in a drawer, which I’ll be using soon!

Loreal Pure Riche Nourishing and Taming Shampoo for Very Dry, Rebellious Hair
This sulfate-free shampoo is freaking amazing. I love it. It made my hair smell awesome and feel so so soooo soft. Gosh. Anyway, I was in a major pinch and needed to get more, so I went into the nearest Clicks and they didn’t have it!? What?! So I went into Dischem but this wasn’t stocked, so I picked up the other brand I want to try – OGX. I must say, it isn’t as great. No. That’s not fair. It’s a discussion for another time, I suppose.

Loreal Ultra Riche Replenishing and Taming Conditioner for Very Dry, Rebellious Hair
Same as above. Heart eyes all the way.

Cettua Anti-redness Mask for Sensitive Skin
Liked this. Cute packaging. Have one or two others from the same brand.

Lush Salt Peppermint Bark Scrub
Oh look! Another one! Yes. I went and bought another one after I finished the first one. Now I have none left. I need more!

Woolworths Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Dry Oil Spray
Repurchase! Love the scent of this. Because it has a spray nozzle thing, it’s so easy to use! I much prefer things I can spray than those I have to decant into my hand. Haven’t bought another one because I’m using a Body Shop oil at the moment. But this was my moisturiser of choice.

Johnson & Johnson’s Makeup Remover Wipes (the pink ones…forgot the real name for this)
I used these to take off my makeup before gym. If I didn’t rinse my face with water after using these, my eyes would STING like A MOFO when I got sweaty. Ugh. And these dried my skin out (I always made sure to wash my face again when I got home, and properly moisturise). I bought a bulk pack ages ago, and this was the last one. Since my gym membership is no more (bleh), I won’t be buying these again.

Lush Rough with the Smooth Scrub
I have a problem with scrubs, don’t I? I actually got this at Christmas, and finished it up (hoping it’d be just as amazing as Salt Peppermint Bark…it wasn’t). The scent wasn’t my favourite and I think unlike the other Lush scrub, this is sugar-based, so it got pretty sticky after a few uses. I felt like it never really dried out properly (even though I did everything to try!) Anyway, this won’t be a repurchase.

And that’s it!


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Avid reader (of sometimes dubious literature), word-lover and crazy TV series watcher. If I could live in a library, I would.

3 responses to “Finishing all the things this April

  1. I’m also into scrubs and swore out loud when i realised that Lush’s salt peppermint was a limited edition, it was their best scrub in my opinion. Have you ever tried their Rub Rub Rub? It comes in a solid and tub version. I’m not fond of the solid because mine crumbled up with the first use, but I’m curious to try the tub 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment 🙂 Yep, I was so sad when I heard that Salt Peppermint was LE. I did get one for my birthday so there is a fresh one waiting around for me but, of course, now I don’t want to use it! I have tried Rub Rub Rub! I really loved it – smelt like a delicious cocktail. I did find it was scrubbier if I used it on dry skin, so sometimes I would use it before I hopped into the shower. The consistency means that when you do use it in the shower, there can be wastage and water can get into the tub (which totally sucks). I’m so sad to hear the solid one wasn’t that great. I have tried Rough with the Smooth (the other solid scrub) but that also crumbled 😥

      • Aaaw awesome, will definitely be getting Rub Rub Rub then, thanks! I like scrubby scrubs and use 99% of scrubs on dry skin anyway, else they just disappear and then it’s a sticky-wash and not a scrub.
        I better stop rambling now or you’ll block me, enjoy that last Salt Peppermint, if i new where you lived i would’ve stalked you for it 😉

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