Holes in my wardrobe

I’m not a capsule wardrobe sort of girl. In all honesty, I’d love to be but if I had to take a good look at what’s currently in my cupboard and remove all my overly worn/should be tossed due to holes, etc clothing, I’d probably be left with very little.

Then, if I had to assess what’s left and donate some, toss some and keep the rest, I’d probably have to pitch up at work naked at least once a week. Realistically, I don’t think many of us have the funds to replace everything at once, or replace them with the key expensive/quality pieces we’d really truly like.

That being said, I’ve got better at just buying things. There have been a few moments where I’ve hesitated buying something because do I really need it, then gone back to get it because its played on my mind and then realised no longer available. It’s a thin line, people!

Lately I’ve been thinking about some things I really do need to stock up on, so I thought I’d post a list as a reminder to myself. I like having a list somewhere – it keeps me on track!

  • Prescription sunglasses – I’m blind. I don’t wear contacts. I’ve been squinting in the sun way too long. Always buy out of season, right?
  • Raincoat – I’m not talking about those flimsy things you had when you were at school. More like something that is substantial, looks decent (like part of your outfit) and will keep you super dry. I’m thinking something from K-Way
  • Boots – I’ve been wearing a pair of Pick n Pay boots for the past 2 years. They have finally died. I’d really like to invest in a pair of leather boots. I do have two pairs of docs though – one pair knee high (zip needs replacing) and one ankle boot BUT the ankle boot (preferred style right now) is seriously hard on my feet. I haven’t been able to “walk them in” as the leather is so goddamned tough. I have tried everything under the sun to soften it but I just can’t. Anyone have any suggestions? I think I may just need to consider something softer.
  • Blazer – Believe it or not…I don’t own one of these. I like to think a black blazer can dress up any outfit. I want to maybe get one in ponte fabric…it’s a little more forgiving.
  • Trusty scarf – I need a black scarf. Something that will go with every outfit (or most of them). Silk, wool, whatever. I just need one. I wanted to wear one this morning but I didn’t have anything that would go with my outfit (blue and white striped breton thing, dark blue jeans, black boots)
  • Bras – More of them please. I recently just bought two Panache Sculptresse bras from Amazon (never again) and damn people, don’t underestimate a good bra. I want more. Stat. PS: why are large cup bras so expensive and like the mystical fucking unicorn? I guess I’ll be making friends with eBay or Storm in A-G Cup…
  • Leopard print flats – I want. They’re outrageous. I just want. There was so much drama around getting these but finally…finally…I got a pair of Dune Hero’s in leopard print on sale for R900 (22 August 2016!)
  • Pair of leather sandals – I have my eye on a pair from Jane Sews (I can’t choose between brick or black). I also want a pair of their loafers.
  • Wide brimmed floppy hat (black, felt?) – #palegingerproblemz

Other stuff I want but can wait:

  • Denim jacket – I have always wanted one of these. I’m keen to see if it would work with my style. I’m not entirely sure if this a MUST HAVE, but I’d like to try one on anyway, and decide from there.
  • Leather jacket – Same as above. Being bigger, things aren’t always available in your size and don’t always fit in the same way. Okay let me take that back… We all have a body shape that at some stage in our lives doesn’t really work with certain types or cuts of clothing. Maybe I’ll stumble upon one that will work. This is definitely an investment piece though, so I think I’d rather wait until my I’m in a space weight/shape-wise where I’m happy enough to commit to something long-term. This looks amaze. Seriously. And so does this
  • Cashmere jersey – there’s a stunning grey one at Poetry that I’d die to own BUT it’s like R1600 or something (HAAAAAA). Okay, I shouldn’t be laughing cos we all know cashmere is fucking expensive, but hey, this is a wishlist after all. Also, I can’t be trusted with cashmere. Seriously. If it doesn’t wash well, it’s doomed. Scrap that. No cashmere for me.
  • Black dress – I don’t own one. Not even one dress. Actually, fun fact: I don’t own anything longer than a pair of pants. No 3/4s, no shorts, no bathing costumes, no skirts and no dresses. The search for the perfect LBD is a goddamn struggle, people.



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2 responses to “Holes in my wardrobe

  1. Hi again 🙂
    I’m with you on getting the right size bra more than words can possibly tell. Ever. I’ve never had a bra that fits properly in my whole almost-30-year life, up until two weeks ago.
    I reckoned that if I didn’t want my boobs to touch my knees in two years’ time, I better do something about it now, I’ve been procrastinating this for years now.
    So I visited Pandora’s Bra Studio two weeks ago and for the first time in my life, I felt what it feels like if your ladies fit into the cups over them. Pure glory, I tell you.
    I was so mesmerised that I just smiled and waved when it came to paying. And then I couldn’t push the clutch down when driving home to tell my husband that I’d spent life savings on two bras. Yas.
    But it’s been worth every cent and I plan on buying a few more, just have to plan the cashflow.
    So I was also thinking about importing them myself so I’m glad I read your post here. I’ve never heard of the bra’s that you mention here. Where do you buy it from and how do you know what size? xx

    • So, bra shopping online can be a tricky thing. So, like you, I got fitted in store. Pandora’s is the perfect place (or like me in CT, going to Storm in A-G Cup) to give you a base line of what your back and cup size can be. The reason why I say can is because you might differ between brands (which is where the online shopping thing can be tricky). You can also differ between cut/style in a brand.

      There are a few big brands which you’ll find online pretty easily: Panache, Curvy Kate, Cleo (Panache’s trendier sister), Fantasie and Elomi, for example. I’m not sure what brand you ended up getting from Pandora, but if it’s one of those brands, then all you have to do is go onto eBay and do a search like “Curvy Kate 40F” and a bunch of options should pop up. If you didn’t get one of those brands from Pandora, your easiest bet would be to ask if you could try one of those brands and find out if your current size matches up.

      As mentioned, you will fluctuate between brands, and that sucks, but it’s like trying on jeans, really. So for me, I have a consistent size in Curvy Kate. Some cuts are more flattering than others, but overall, I’m the same size across the entire brand (sometimes you might move up or down a cup depending on the cut of the bra/style) so, I’ll almost always buy this brand because it is safe option.

      The places I buy online are: eBay, Belle’s Lingerie and My Curves and Me. MCaM don’t ship to SA buttttttt they usually have a lot of stuff super discounted and then I’ll use Aramex Global Shopper.

      Now here’s the thing… getting hit by import duties. I have only been screwed once and that was when I used Amazon. Needless to say I haven’t used them again BUT I also haven’t ordered since Amazon (this happened a few months ago, so I’m still feeling the burn!)

      I have bought about 5 times (not including the Amazon fiasco) and each time I have ordered 1 or 2 bras at a time (total cost including shipping has been around about R500-R700, never over R1000) and they have been delivered to my home address, no problem. I don’t know if import duties on clothes (underwear falls under clothes sadface!!) has changed (hence no problem with previous orders, but a problem with latest order) or if it was just an Amazon thing but now I’m sort of hesitant 😥

      A good blog to read about bra sizing is http://fullerfigurefullerbust.com. Lots of links on her page to other bra bloggers. She isn’t my size and might not be yours, but her reviews show what I mean re: fluctuating bra sizes and I usually take her advice. If she needs to size up in one brand, I’ll probably do the same, etc.

      Phew! I hope this helped! If you need more advice, we can totally email 🙂

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