October motivation

I don’t make resolutions in the New Year. I figure if you want to change something, do it now. There’s never going to be a right time to start – you’ll inevitably find reasons to delay it if it’s something you’re dreading. I’ve been thinking for awhile now and there are things that I want to do, and currently am working towards, but I think listing it might help me remember. So here goes:

  1. Spending ban. I am dead-broke. Like impossibly cry-worthy broke. So, I’m on a self-imposed spending ban starting today after lunch (going to coffee with a friend). I will make an exception for my dad’s birthday on the 14th of this month, but other than that… no more dinners out, no more splurges. Sorry guys 😦 But please, don’t stop inviting me to things!
  2. Empties. I have a lot of crap floating around my room, whether it’s half finished shampoos or beauty products, I plan on using everything up until it’s empty. This will also help me on my quest to stop BUYING STUFF. Let’s do it!
  3. Continue making an effort to look good for myself. For a long time I just sort of slobbed about. I didn’t wear makeup and didn’t really care what I wore. I was also feeling really depressed for awhile and during this time, one thing I read was that just getting out of bed and making an effort to look good will help perk you up. And honestly, it helped a bit. After much thinking and moping, I realised that the reason it might have been working was because I was respecting myself. My self-esteem and confidence hasn’t ever been very good, but I found that spending an extra few minutes on MYSELF for MYSELF made me feel better about myself. So here’s to some self improvement on the emotional front 🙂
  4. Stop eating so much shit. My mom has been on a no-carb, minimum-sugar diet and it has made me CRAVE bread and biscuits and pasta like no tomorrow. Ultimately, this has meant that when I do go out or have an opportunity to buy stuff for myself, I go a little crazy. This is a problem, since I already have a weight problem. My aim is to not cut out carbs altogether (because I love them) but to eat them in moderation. I’m planning on making healthy snacks for work again (I used to be very good about this) and just try keep healthy.
  5. Walk more. I am so unfit, it’s ridiculous. I hate exercise, I really do. I’ve tried it and I never enjoyed it. I’ve also experienced too many ankle injuries that went untreated, which means that along with my bad balance, stabilisation can be pretty difficult on uneven terrain. Lame, I know. But, I can walk. There are roads. There are stairs. This can happen.
  6. Get writing. I write every day, but that’s because I write for a living. I want to write every day, creatively. As in, write things in my own time. NaNoWriMo is happening in November, and I feel like I’m in the deep end already! I have no ideas, no spark and no passion. I need to desperately fix this, because I used to really love writing, even if it wasn’t particularly good. I think this is why I need to oneword again.
  7. Drink more water. My lips are always chapped, I’ve been getting headaches again… Possibly dehydrated? Anyway, water’s good for you and it tastes nice – bonus! I promise to finish at least one 500ml bottle of water at work every day.
  8. Stay in contact. I’ve been in my own little world recently. Work’s been crazy and I’ve been trying to learn how to share myself with someone again (It’s been years, guys. YEARS). Sadly this has made me a terrible friend, and I’m so so so sorry. I want to respond to more emails, sms or whatsapp my important people more regularly and to attend more friend things. If any of you read this, please invite me! I love you all and I want to see you.
  9. Keep on reading. I have been a terrible reader for the last seven months. I’m normally a hundred-books-a-year sort of person, but I’m nowhere close to that. Books gave me inspiration, got me excited about the reading community and inspired me to get chatting to other readers. This *has* to start up again.
  10. Explore Cape Town. I feel like such a country bumpkin sometimes. I left the country for the first time in June of this year. It was also my first plane flight. It got me thinking about places I haven’t been to and I realised that there’s so much of Cape Town that I haven’t actually seen or experienced. We have a lot to offer. I want to see the wild flowers near Clanwilliam, I want to go to the Planetarium again, explore museums, go to Llundudno beach, watch a sunset and sunrise, go to Rhodes Memorial for breakfast, frolic around in the Company Gardens, have a picnic, enjoy the last of our forests… If any of you have any ideas, let me know!

I will stick to this list.
I will stick to this list.
I will stick to this list.

Over and out!


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Avid reader (of sometimes dubious literature), word-lover and crazy TV series watcher. If I could live in a library, I would.

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2 responses to “October motivation

  1. This is a fantastic idea! Your list is great and you are great and I wish we were in the same city so we could be totally flat broke together and go for lots of (free!) walks and drink lots of water (which is also free! yay!) Honestly, I need to do loads of the things on your list too. Feeling inspired. I’m at home sick today and this is just what I needed to read to perk me up. Miss you lots, Tarryn! ❤

    • Aww, thanks Laurie! God, that would be excellent. You guys have so many beautiful parks from the looks of it. I don’t think I even made a dent while I was there. Get better soon! I think we are having another flu-wave at the office… Holding thumbs that we all make it out unscathed. MISS YOU TOO!! ❤

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